Montag, 2. April 2012


Mike Meirè is regarded as the protagonist of german magazine design. Since the eighties he produced such visually strong, contemporary and radical magazines that some of his work received the term "The New Ugly". Meirés big success also comes from his need to overcome the limits of his previous work. He is responsable for the new appearances of "Apart", "Econy", "Brand Eins", "Kid's Wear", "032c", "Arch +", "NZZ" and the brand new "Garage". Using the passion that he himself calls Method Acting, Meiré discovers the parameters of aesthetics, visual codes and atmospheres. He is looking for forms of expression in which the others consider themselves as service providers. In 2 or 3 things he talks about things surrounding him, ten years Helvetica, secretaries' cast and "looking good with Powerpoint".