Donnerstag, 2. Juni 2011


"ruiné express" is like a fresh can of ruiné light. it's the fast and sometimes fun version, an image-only zine with 4 photographs on each spread. all pictures were taken by the ruinéboys themselves, neven allgeier and benedikt fischer. but it's more than that. "ruiné express" is here to give you a possible idea what ruiné is about, in which cosmos we are thinking and working for ruiné. it's about situations and objects out of our very reality that influence us. also we would like to emphasize that, while some pictures may seem absurdly funny, there is also some really serious material. it's just like life itself, joy and darkness.

ruiné express 01
editors/publishers: neven allgeier, benedikt fischer
released in june 2011
language: german/english
format: din a4
47 pages
laser printing on "lessebo design natural" paper.
limited and numbered - 50 copies