Mittwoch, 26. Januar 2011


"The original idea behind our project was to create an all encompassing world, combining the roots of traditional retail twinned with the progressive nature of the online boom. We wanted to achieve this in a way that has never been done before and that will, hopefully, never be subsequently bettered.

We have covered every single product arena that is important to us, packaging these in the most discerning and well-considered shell possible. From the products, through to our store and website, as well as our packaging and the people who contribute to the project, we have not compromised on one single element of this project. Hopefully, that level of quality and integrity shows through in what we are now presenting.

Within our 6,000 square foot space, made up of seven completely different concept rooms - that move you through all our various moods and influences - we have covered the biggest of the best international designers, as well as the most exciting new fashion talents around. We are also incorporating a vintage sound system into our club space and have a library which is filled with the most interesting, rare and diverse titles around.

We have also collated an abundance of specialist and concise information that will hopefully inspire you and inform you in new and unexpected ways.

This is essentially a platform for you to experience and engage with. We don't care if you come here but don't actually buy anything - we are happy for you to take whatever you want from this, whether it be product, information or knowledge."