Donnerstag, 1. April 2010


Lu Nan is given the name "the most legendary photographer in China" . His
legend comes from his unique characteristic and his mysterious creative experience.
During fifteen years' of his photography career, Lu has been a preacher of
imagery. For many people in the Chinese photography world, he seems to be even
more famous in the "art" circle. One of his early pieces Add One Meter to a
4 Nameless Hill has become one of the classic images in the Chinese contemporary art history. Lu is the first Chinese photographer who' s recognized by the well-known Magnum Photos. He is also the only Chinese photographer that had
been featured in the APERTURE magazine. Lu is constantly invited to participate in
numerous exhibitions; however, he is extremely selective about the exhibitions he
is involved with. Lu also refused to have his portrait taken by others, so it' s very
rare to see any photo documentations of him. For fifteen years, Lu has been leading
a life that' s almost like a monk, spending his time working and studying. Lu
believes in that "good stuff comes out of reticence."