Samstag, 20. März 2010

UPDATE- SYDNEY- ACP australian centre for photography

(Papua New Guinea/Australia) performs a series of caricatures that parody and critique stereotypes of masculinity and femininity in both black and white Australian culture.
Suk Kuhn Oh (South Korea) stages scenes in the manner of a primary school reader that weave the imaginative confusion of a child confronted by the adult world with the trauma of lost identity in post-war Korea.
Toshie Takeuchi (Japan) creates a vast panorama infested by children dressed as bunnies, which dramatise the idiosyncrasies of the infants at play while simultaneously suggesting the possibility of an anthropomorphic adult escape to a new childhood. Meanwhile, the Jackson Twins (UK) present a series of ironically melodramatic self-portraits that draw on the anxious fascination of pop culture with identical twins: cloning, doppelgangers, sibling rivalry, ESP and the notion of the evil other.